Specialist in Natural Carpets and Rugs

Sari Silk Carpets/Rugs

Adarsh Exports is excited to introduce our newest collection of Sari Silk rugs. Hand-knotted in India, these rugs are made with recycled silk textiles. Vintage Sari Silk dresses are collected, unraveled, and finally hand-knotted into exceptional one-of-a-kind masterpieces.Each carpet is a single piece of art and dependent on the saris collected. The combination from different saris and the sheen from the silk is what makes these rugs truly special. The patterns are generally inspired by antique ikat fabrics that emphasize bright, saturated colors. Sari Silk rugs have a very soft.

Indo Nepal Carpets/Rugs

We make very fine quality of Indo Nepali carpets that are very highly in demand in domestic as well as overseas market due to their exclusiveness. We have specialist artisans to make Indo Nepal carpets consequently there is no flaw in their authenticity. Thus we are a famous Indo Nepalese carpets manufacturer in India. Also keep on getting very high demands from the overseas market hence we are able to be known among reputed Indo Nepali carpets exporters from India.

Handloom Carpets/Rugs

We have earned a high repute as rare quality Indian handloom carpets manufacturer. Our handloom carpets are very much attractive as they are made with the use of real raw materials. Also our handloom woollen carpets are very much inexpensive and highly demanded in the market hence we are famous exporters of them in India. We have expert weavers for manufacturing high quality handloom carpets as a result we get very high demands for them. We supply them on proper time as a result we are a highly recommended destination for handloom carpets.

Durry Rugs

A dhurrie (also durrie or durry) is a thick flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally in India as floor-coverings.Dhurrries have a low maintenance cost as they do not get infected by Silverfish or other insects responsible for destroying carpets.Dhurries can be used year round. The cotton dhurrie is warm in winters and cool in summers.texture, and are available in limited numbers, due to the nature of the composition.

Hemp/Jute Carpets/Rugs

We are a highly appreciated manufacturer and supplier of jute rugs in India. Our jute area rugs remind the customers of the very high level of artistry as they are manufactured by the artisans who make attractive rugs from modern methods. Also we are a highly trusted natural jute rugs manufacturer as we use fine jute for their manufacture. We give jute rugs to the customers at very comfortable prices thus we are a reputed jute rugs exporter from India.